Saturday, August 29, 2009

We are sailin'

Hello shopaholics!

Oh yes, we are new. And we are here to bring you the latest fashion trend, along with lil' tips on how to wear our clothing. Every of our product is handpicked and inspected for quality. Here are our very first collection, feel free to browse around, and if you see anything you like, do email us! Any questions at all are welcomed.

A little intro here, ehem.
We are two bestfriends who just happen to be shopaholics. One is an architecture student who loves art, perfection, sewing, chocolates and lame jokes. Another is a masscomm student who orders prawn mac & cheese without the prawns and has a serious addiction to shop weekly, even the most charming doctor can't cure. We are both residing in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. We are loud, honest, dedicated girls who will bring the best service for our customers. Please, do shop with us without hesitation.

Happy shopping girls! or guys! ;)

Azima & Aisyah.

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Thank you! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Comic Addict

This sexy high waisted pencil dress isn't an ordinary dress. Instead of having it the classic black-and-white style, or those clichéd newspaper prints, it comes with a pop-art inspired comic print! Now, that is wicked ;)
The bodice isn't just a plain bodice as well, it's pleated on the front, complete with cute buttons as decoration. Sure, they might not be functional, but aren't they adorable? And would you just look at the sweet laces and front ribbon?
Sweet and sexy, what more could you ask for? Hey wait, they also have pockets! SWEET!

You can pair it up with socks and wear it to college for a more formal, or wear it just the way it is for casual days. Ooh, it also comes in 3 different colors! ;D

Pop-art inspired, what say you? ;)

UK 6-10
Colors : black, blue, grey (sold)

Made of cotton

Measurements laid flat
Waist : 31.5 cm - 37 cm (stretchable)
Bust : 38.5
Length : 80 cm

RM 42

Sexy Boho

Do you think maxi dress is baggy and unflattering? Not anymore, the new maxi dress is in! This tube maxi sundress definitely can spice up your summer wardrobe. We are talking about our hot climate. Petites, worry not, this dress won't make you look short. The proof is here.

Match it with accessories, big accessories. Trust us, they work well with this dress. Clinch it on the waist to give shape. Layer it with a fitting blazer, or a cardi or wear a shirt under for girls with hijab.
This dress also works for average to above average (5'2"-5'7").

The smoked back ensures comfort fit. You can tie up the straps anyhow you like, be creative.

It will make you look so pretty and sweet, you'll drive the guys mad!
Boho maxi dress, what's your verdict? ;)

UK 4-12
Colors : green (sold) and brown (reserved)
Made of chiffon

free size
Measurements laid flat
Length : 125 cm

RM 45

Floral Frenzy

We all know floral is all the rage, and we bring it to you, but hey, here's a twist. Instead of having plain top, floral skirt, we have it upside-down! This way, it will accentuate your curvy body instead of your hips. *thumbs up!*

Wear it as a top if you are tall, or as a dress if you are petite.
The bustier top is made of soft cotton while the skirt is made of sheer chiffon with lining. Talk about comfort!

With smoked back, you are sure to fit the snug top with comfort. The skirt is such a cutey. Wear this dress, and you are sure to draw some green eyes from other girls! It comes in 3 different floral prints. Pick your fav, darlings!

Oh, did we mention that there's a subtle ribbon folding on the front? *wink*

What say you? ;)

UK 4-10
Colors : dark blue+red (sold), orange+pink (sold), light blue+green
(based on the flowers)

Made of soft cotton (top), chiffon (bottom)
Bottom - not sheer as it has lining

Measurements laid flat
Waist : 30 cm - 36 cm (stretchable)
Bust : 33 cm - 39 cm (stretchable)
Length : 54 cm

RM 52

Zip It Like It's Hot

Now we present you a zipper dress, and somehow, the skirt reminds us of the cheerleader uniform. Ironically sexy and cute.

Don't you just love the unique zipper detailing? Wear it just the way it is for casual day. Or pair it up with a stipey or plaid shirt inside, or just a normal tee. You can also pair it with colorful socks, or layer it with leather jacket for a sexy kick. Get creative, we say!

This versatile piece is definitely a must have! You can mix and match it with pretty much everything, go casual, formal, punk, sweet, sexy or be unique. People won't even notice that you are obsessed with this dress.

Wear this dress however you like, darlings! :D

UK 6-10
Colors : black, white, pink, yellow, red (sold)
Made of thick cotton

Measurements laid flat
Waist : 30.5 cm - 37 cm (stretchable)
Bust : 30.5 cm - 37 cm (stretchable)
Length : 62 cm

RM 47

Just Like an Elephant

*Pos Laju or COD only*

Vintage is all the rage this season. Don't miss it out, and grab this vintage-inspired bag quick! It's one of the hottest bag around. And it's selling fast.

Don't you find the front detailing so adorable? We know we do! And worry not, the workmanship is top notch! *wink*

*note that the bag is not as glossy as in pictures due to flash photography*
Colors : light brown (sold) and dark brown (sold)
Material: PVC
Base : 23 cm
Height : 31 cm

RM 55

Sophisticated Doctor bag

*Pos Laju or COD only*

This á la doctor bag is a combination of vintage and preppy look. Oh, we love! You can wear it to almost anywhere, for college, be it casual or formal, on a girls day out or wear it on a date!

It comes with detachable strap so you can carry it on hand.

This bag is definitely a must have for any chic, sophisticated babe. Loves, are you up for it? ;)

Colors : black and brown (sold)

Base : 23 cm
Height : 21.5 cm

RM 49

Glossy Leggings


As seen on Rihanna,

Now, our version of Rihanna's leggings.
It's elasticity offers comfort and movements. Wear these and rock your outfit, darlings!

and oh, they come in fuchsia, too! These are for bold and wild girls out there. Draw attention to your sexy legs, and the guys will drool all over you. *wink*

Oh, look, it comes with zipper detail. ;D

UK 4-10
Colors : black (sold) and fuchsia (1x sold 1x available)
Made of polyester & spandex

Measurements laid flat
Waist : 24" - 31" (stretchable)
Length : 87 cm

RM 25