Thursday, September 17, 2009

Away For Hari Raya!

Hey Darlings,

STUD Fetish will be on hiatus for 6 days starting tomorrow (18th of September) till Wednesday (23rd of September) for Hari Raya celebration. However, you can still e-mail us your inquiries/orders and worry not, we will reply your e-mails ASAP on that Wednesday itself.

Oh! and due to unforeseen circumstances, we can't ship out any items by this week and the items will only be shipped out next week on Wednesday (23rd of September). Sorry loves!

In the mean time, enjoy our goodies and Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslims and Maaf Zahir Batin! :)

Love, Azima & Aisyah.

Monday, September 14, 2009


hey babes,

we have restocked the following items. Grab them now before they are gone!

slashed leggings, 2 versions
vintage madness bag, 3 colors.

Click on the images to go to original post.

Also we are so sorry that the black glossy leggings are no longer restockable. :(

Saturday, September 12, 2009

New Stuffs!

Hello Shopaholics!

Dig in, feed your shopping hunger, darlings! ;)
Grab them before it's too late!
We have been reviewed!

oh, and also Fashion Register ;)

Bell Skirt

spotted on Rihanna
This hot bell skirt is on celeb's list because of it's short hemline and the puffed shaped give the body an hour-glass shape. 
Don't worry, it won't exaggerate your hips rather, the extra volume will actually make your legs appear skinnier! Now that is double the good news. Hey, it also comes with side pockets. yeay :p

A little surprise here, there's a visible gold zipper closure at the back. We loike!

Wearing Tips:
1. Always, always tuck the top in and cinch your waist with a belt
2. Wear a jacket that hits just below the hip for proportion
3. Add killer boots or gladiator flats to pull the look together

Although the price is a little hefty, we assure you that the quality is not the typical online shop quality, but rather a more of Forever 21 and Topshop quality. We ourselves are very impressed, we kid you not!

Color : black

Made of cotton

Comes in two sizes :

Measurements laid flat
S : UK 6 - 8 ( length : 37 cm) (sold)
M : UK 10 - 12 ( length : 38 cm)

RM 62

Floral Zipper Corset

Sexy cut, demure floral print. Talk about best of the both world. ;)

Smoked back for extra comfort. And yes, you can breathe and have big lunch in it. :D

psst, it's not an actual corset, think of it as a tube top that looks like one *wink*

Available in two colors. Green & Black

Don't you just love the zipper? and oh, it's fully functional too, all the way down.

The hefty price tag isn't hefty at all when you look, touch, and feel the splendid quality.

and we are seriously serious when we say SPLENDID quality. ;)

 UK 4 - 10
Colors : green , black

Made of cotton

Measurements laid flat
Bust : 38.5 cm
Length : 80 cm

RM 68

Slashed Leggings

grab them now before they are gone!

Made famous by Lady Gaga

Show off a little flesh and leave the rest to imagination. These leggings are instant fashion perk.

Play around with your outfits. Think bold colors.

They come in two versions; blank back and slashed back!


UK 4-14
Color : black 
Design : blank back / slashed back

Made of cotton & spandex

Measurements laid flat (Length)

Crotch to bottom : 72 cm
Top waist to bottom : 91.5 cm

RM 40

Vintage Madness

*restocked in all colors* 

More vintage bags and we are still mad about them! Why? Because they are timeless.

Excellent quality, we affirm you!

Colors : brown,  black,  purple 
Material : Faux leather

  Length : 23 cm
  Width : 33 cm

RM 49
*Pos Laju or COD only*

Monday, September 7, 2009

Glossy Leggings in Black

*sold out*
*no longer restockable*


we have restocked our highly-in-demand-Glossy Leggings in Black.

Only this time, it's more stretchable up to UK12! and yes, it's still with the zipper. :D

So place you order now before it's out of stock, again! ;)

psst, the leggings in pink are still available! Very limited stock!

Made of polyester & spandex

Size: UK4-UK12
Length : 87 cm

RM 25

Saturday, August 29, 2009

We are sailin'

Hello shopaholics!

Oh yes, we are new. And we are here to bring you the latest fashion trend, along with lil' tips on how to wear our clothing. Every of our product is handpicked and inspected for quality. Here are our very first collection, feel free to browse around, and if you see anything you like, do email us! Any questions at all are welcomed.

A little intro here, ehem.
We are two bestfriends who just happen to be shopaholics. One is an architecture student who loves art, perfection, sewing, chocolates and lame jokes. Another is a masscomm student who orders prawn mac & cheese without the prawns and has a serious addiction to shop weekly, even the most charming doctor can't cure. We are both residing in Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia. We are loud, honest, dedicated girls who will bring the best service for our customers. Please, do shop with us without hesitation.

Happy shopping girls! or guys! ;)

Azima & Aisyah.

Pssst, we've been featured! Thanks to Diary of an E-Shopaholic!


Thank you! :)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Comic Addict

This sexy high waisted pencil dress isn't an ordinary dress. Instead of having it the classic black-and-white style, or those clich├ęd newspaper prints, it comes with a pop-art inspired comic print! Now, that is wicked ;)
The bodice isn't just a plain bodice as well, it's pleated on the front, complete with cute buttons as decoration. Sure, they might not be functional, but aren't they adorable? And would you just look at the sweet laces and front ribbon?
Sweet and sexy, what more could you ask for? Hey wait, they also have pockets! SWEET!

You can pair it up with socks and wear it to college for a more formal, or wear it just the way it is for casual days. Ooh, it also comes in 3 different colors! ;D

Pop-art inspired, what say you? ;)

UK 6-10
Colors : black, blue, grey (sold)

Made of cotton

Measurements laid flat
Waist : 31.5 cm - 37 cm (stretchable)
Bust : 38.5
Length : 80 cm

RM 42