Saturday, September 12, 2009

Floral Zipper Corset

Sexy cut, demure floral print. Talk about best of the both world. ;)

Smoked back for extra comfort. And yes, you can breathe and have big lunch in it. :D

psst, it's not an actual corset, think of it as a tube top that looks like one *wink*

Available in two colors. Green & Black

Don't you just love the zipper? and oh, it's fully functional too, all the way down.

The hefty price tag isn't hefty at all when you look, touch, and feel the splendid quality.

and we are seriously serious when we say SPLENDID quality. ;)

 UK 4 - 10
Colors : green , black

Made of cotton

Measurements laid flat
Bust : 38.5 cm
Length : 80 cm

RM 68

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